an act or instance of carrying into effect; fulfillment:
the accomplishment of our desires.
something done admirably or creditably:
Space exploration is a major accomplishment of science.
anything accomplished; deed; achievement:
a career measured in a series of small accomplishments.
Often, accomplishments.

a grace, skill, or knowledge expected in polite society.
any acquired ability or knowledge.

Contemporary Examples

If that were her only accomplishment of that season, it would have been phenomenal.
Skiing Prodigy Mikaela Shiffrin Looks Ahead to Sochi Jake Bright November 30, 2013

And that accomplishment was sitting right there on the desk with a golden caduceus gleaming on the cover.
The Symbol Mitt Romney Demanded on His Official Gubernatorial Portrait Michael Daly October 21, 2012

But the separatists continue to think they are basking in the glory of their accomplishment.
Inside East Ukraine’s Make-Believe Republics Jamie Dettmer May 14, 2014

For his years of accomplishment and dedication, Walsh has received many honors and awards.
John Walsh on the Revival of ‘America’s Most Wanted’ on Lifetime Sandra McElwaine December 1, 2011

The calorie meter—accurate or not—helps too, because it feels like an accomplishment to see that number go up.
Can I Lose Weight Playing Video Games? Alec Kubas-Meyer January 13, 2014

Historical Examples

I have often thought myself that an increase of accomplishment goes hand-in-hand with an increased tameness of spirit.
The Silent Isle Arthur Christopher Benson

Like the Admirable Crichton, no art is to her unknown, no accomplishment by her neglected.
The Bacillus of Beauty Harriet Stark

No writer of fiction, none but one who believed them possible of accomplishment!
The Valleys of Tirol R. H. Busk

He resumed his labours, thrilled with the sensation of accomplishment.
The Fortune Hunter Louis Joseph Vance

We think it would be difficult to find so many expedients ever before adopted for the accomplishment of any one object.
Scientific American, Vol.22, No. 1, January 1, 1870 Various

the act of carrying out or achieving
something achieved or successfully completed
(often pl) skill or talent
(often pl) social grace, style, and poise

early 15c., “performance of a task; state of completion,” from Old French acomplissement “action of accomplishing,” from acomplir (see accomplish). Meaning “thing completed” and that of “something that completes” someone and fits him or her for society are from c.1600.

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