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therefore; so; in due course.
in ; correspondingly.
Contemporary Examples

The Japanese knew that she was an American spy and treated her accordingly.
8 Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Aviator Amelia Earhart’s Demise Jake Heller March 20, 2012

“As we see what this new government does, we will judge it accordingly,” she told a press conference while on a visit to Spain.
Lebanon’s Dangerous Power Struggle Christopher Dickey January 24, 2011

accordingly, connection to Israel, in some form, remains a central piece of the mission of many Jewish institutions.
What to Make of Le Mood’s Decision to Disinvite Speakers Over Israel Politics? Mira Sucharov November 3, 2013

Of course, though, this is titled Freak Show, and accordingly there is plenty to marvel at.
‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Premiere Is Super-Freaky (But a Little Boring) Kevin Fallon October 8, 2014

accordingly, Ornan is to be listed in the registry of populations as Jewish.
Israel Must Recognize Israel Bernard Avishai May 15, 2012

Historical Examples

With the Pope, accordingly, Henry strove to set himself right.
Odd Bits of History Henry W. Wolff

He accordingly approached our hero, and tapped him on the shoulder.
Brave and Bold Horatio Alger

accordingly, after an hour’s halt, we again embarked, and resumed our pleasant voyage down the river.
The Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California Brevet Col. J.C. Fremont

And accordingly, when he wakened in the middle of the night, he was alert on the instant.
Way of the Lawless Max Brand

accordingly, that dignified individual took an opportunity of remarking to the king that he considered the English arrant cowards.
How Britannia Came to Rule the Waves W.H.G. Kingston

in an appropriate manner; suitably
sentence connector

mid-14c., “in agreement with,” from according + -ly (2). From mid-15c. as “properly; adequately;” meaning “in agreement with logic or expectation” is recorded 1680s.


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