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personal clothing, accessories, etc.
the equipment, excluding weapons and clothing, of a soldier.
Contemporary Examples

These gentlemen, said Clausewitz in brief, had the misfortune of mistaking the accoutrements of war for its essential nature.
How Clausewitz Invented Modern War James A. Warren November 23, 2014

As with other accoutrements of the high-end lifestyle, not all backup generators are created equal.
After Storm, Who’s Got the Real Power? Look for Backup Generators Daniel Gross October 29, 2012

Power, and the accoutrements of power, would fill the vacuum created by the absence of ideas.
Why Pakistan’s Mohammed Ali Jinnah Was No Nelson Mandela Kapil Komireddi April 6, 2013

Historical Examples

The intruder took his gun and accoutrements and without a word walked away up the mountain through the timber land.
Camp Venture George Cary Eggleston

Their accoutrements clattered and clinked in the intense stillness.
The Crimson Tide Robert W. Chambers

The prisoners were brought on the ground, stripped of their uniforms and accoutrements, and put in irons.
India Under British Rule James Talboys Wheeler

To pass, the uniform and accoutrements of a soldier are not enough.
New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 5, August, 1915 Various

I found the Pole burnishing his accoutrements, and singing, in French most barbarously broken, the burden of a chanson boire.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 63, No. 389, March 1848 Various

At the foot you will find my uniform, rifle, and accoutrements.
Through Three Campaigns G. A. Henty

G, they forged ahead slowly, gradually cultivating a liking for a gun and accoutrements.
Company G A. R. (Albert Rowe) Barlow


1540s, from Middle French accoustrement (Modern French accoutrement), from accoustrer probably from Old French acostrer “arrange,” originally “sew up” (see accouter)


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