to ascribe or attribute to (usually followed by with):
He was accredited with having said it.
to attribute or ascribe; consider as belonging:
an invention accredited to Edison.
to provide or send with credentials; designate officially:
to accredit an envoy.
to certify (a school, college, or the like) as meeting all formal official requirements of academic excellence, curriculum, facilities, etc.
to make authoritative, creditable, or reputable; sanction.
to regard as true; believe.
Contemporary Examples

But they also claim that fewer than 200 of the 7,000 have sought (voluntary) accreditation—i.e., an embrace of regulations.
Blame Game Underway as Meningitis Outbreak Broadens Kent Sepkowitz October 9, 2012

There is often a failure of regulations within those countries and no accreditation.
The Wild, Wild West of Thai Surrogacy Emily Shire August 6, 2014

And journalists who try to tweet, Instagram, or video the Games on their mobile phones will be stripped of accreditation.
The Volgograd Bombings and the Return of Big Terror to Russia Michael Weiss January 1, 2014

Another factor, the accreditation criteria for third-party verifiers, rounds out the particulars.
Winds of Change: A Label Aiming to Stick Daily Beast Promotions February 21, 2011

Seems the University of Phoenix, the nation’s largest for-profit “educational” institution, may be set to lose its accreditation.
We Need Conservative Populism, Ctd. Justin Green January 8, 2013

To complete his accreditation, Hourani needed to show at least one collection off the calendar, as well as a fashion godfather.
Rad Hourani, The First Unisex Couture Designer Erin Cunningham January 28, 2014

The cultural authorities began to allow post-punk bands to get accreditation for legal concerts, though lyrics remained an issue.
Did Punk Rock Tear Down the Wall? Tim Mohr November 7, 2009

Historical Examples

Once accreditation introduces the language game of politics, education distances itself even more from its fundamental mission.
The Civilization of Illiteracy Mihai Nadin

verb (transitive)
to ascribe or attribute
to give official recognition to; sanction; authorize
to certify or guarantee as meeting required standards
often foll by at or to

to furnish or send (an envoy, etc) with official credentials
to appoint (someone) as an envoy, etc

(NZ) to pass (a candidate) for university entrance on school recommendation without external examination: there are six accrediting schools in the area

1806, noun of action from accredit.

1610s, from French accréditer, from à “to” (see ad-) + créditer “to credit” (someone with a sum), from crédit “credit” (see credit). Related: Accredited; accrediting.

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