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to assume to oneself without right or authority; usurp.


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  • Accruable

    to happen or result as a natural growth, addition, etc. to be added as a matter of periodic gain or advantage, as interest on money. Law. to become a present and enforceable right or demand. verb (intransitive) -crues, -cruing, -crued to increase by growth or addition, esp (of capital) to increase by periodic addition of […]

  • Accrual

    the act or process of . something ; accretion. noun the act of accruing something that has accrued (accounting) a charge incurred in one accounting period that has not been paid by the end of it n. 1782, from accrue + -al (2).

  • Accrual basis

    a method of recording income and expenses in which each item is reported as earned or incurred without regard to when actual payments are received or made.

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