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Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education


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  • Acgp

    acgp American College of General Practitioners in Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery

  • Ach

    alas; oh. automated clearinghouse. . Historical Examples We can well believe that such a heavy roll made poor Anna Winslow’s head “ach and itch like anything.” Customs and Fashions in Old New England Alice Morse Earle “ach, no,” said he humbly; for he could not look upon my face and hold his anger. The Bacillus […]

  • Ach-laut

    noun (sometimes capital) (phonetics) the voiceless velar fricative sound that is written as ch in Scottish loch or in German ach, often allophonic with the ich-laut See also ich-laut

  • Ach-y-fi

    interjection (Welsh, dialect) an expression of disgust or abhorrence

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