having no labellum or lip, or one that is undeveloped, as in the flower of certain orchids.

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  • Acheilia

    acheilia acheilia a·chei·li·a or a·chi·li·a (ə-kī’lē-ə) n. Congenital absence of the lips. a·chei’lous adj.

  • Acheiria

    acheiria acheiria a·chei·ri·a or a·chi·ri·a (ə-kī’rē-ə) n. Congenital absence of the hands. A condition sometimes occurring in hysteria in which there is a loss of the sense of possession of one or both hands.

  • Acheiropody

    acheiropody acheiropody a·chei·rop·o·dy or a·chi·rop·o·dy (ə-kī-rŏp’ə-dē) n. Congenital absence of the hands and the feet.

  • Achelous

    noun (classical myth) a river god who changed into a snake and a bull while fighting Hercules but was defeated when Hercules broke off one of his horns Historical Examples The other stranger was achelous, god of the Calydonian River. Good Stories For Great Holidays Frances Jenkins Olcott Behold me, the god achelous, the powerful […]

  • Achene

    any small, dry, hard, one-seeded, indehiscent fruit. Historical Examples achene obtusely triangular, partly 3-celled, enclosed in the indurated calyx. The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States Asa Gray Name from , a bug, and , resemblance; from the form of the achene. The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States […]

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