Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments

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  • Achrestic anemia

    achrestic anemia achrestic anemia a·chres·tic anemia (ə-krěs’tĭk) n. A macrocytic anemia in which the changes in bone marrow and circulating blood resemble those of pernicious anemia.

  • Achroite

    the colorless or white variety of tourmaline, often used as a gem. Historical Examples Red tourmaline is, however, sometimes called “rubellite,” and white tourmaline has been called “achroite.” A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public Frank Bertram Wade

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    achromacyte achromacyte a·chro·ma·cyte (ā-krō’mə-sīt’, ə-krō’-) n. Variant of achromocyte.

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    achromasia achromasia ach·ro·ma·si·a (āk’rō-mā’zē-ə, -zhə) n. Pallor associated with the hippocratic facies of extremely severe and chronic illness. See achromia.

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    . noun Also called achromatic lens. a lens designed to bring light of two chosen wavelengths to the same focal point, thus reducing chromatic aberration Compare apochromat a person who has no colour vision at all and can distinguish only black, white, and grey. The condition is very rare

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