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Achromatic prism

a system of two or more prisms of different substances that deflects but does not disperse a beam of light.


Read Also:

  • Achromatic vision

    achromatic vision achromatic vision n. See achromatopsia.

  • Achromaticity


  • Achromatize

    to make ; deprive or free of color. verb (transitive) to make achromatic; to remove colour from

  • Achromatin

    noun the material of the nucleus of a cell that does not stain with basic dyes Compare chromatin achromatin a·chro·ma·tin (ā-krō’mə-tĭn) n. The part of a cell nucleus that remains less colored than the rest of the nucleus when stained or dyed. a·chro’ma·tin’ic adj.

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