Acid drop

a tart candy, as a sourball.
Historical Examples

The acid drop is at this moment watching the team for all she’s worth.
A Patriotic Schoolgirl Angela Brazil

He sat beside me, facing the q-b, and offered us an acid drop.
Sea and Sardinia D. H. Lawrence

He gave his Mother a kiss, and often when he had been very good and happy she gave him an acid drop to suck when he was in bed.
Humpty Dumpty’s Little Son Helen Reid Cross

“They’ll make such a noise if we have them in, and it will wake the acid drop and bring her down upon us,” said Sylvia.
A Patriotic Schoolgirl Angela Brazil

A great gilt cross, with a Scotch pebble like an acid drop, was her sole decoration.
Masterpieces of Mystery Various

I’m going to make love to you all the evening, just for the sport of seeing the acid drop’s face.
A Patriotic Schoolgirl Angela Brazil

Glad to see you, but you’ll get into a jinky little row if the acid drop catches you!
A Patriotic Schoolgirl Angela Brazil

She put her hand behind the curtain, rustled a piece of paper and gave him an acid drop.
Captivity M. Leonora Eyles

Late at night received orders to dig the acid drop Copse position next day, and occupy it as soon as the guns are sent back.
Servants of the Guns Jeffery E. Jeffery

a boiled sweet with a sharp taste

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