Contemporary Examples

You know, ack, the melancholy of it all is that we grew up there.
War Nostalgia Is Leading Veterans to Places Like Syria. One Went Missing There. Elliot Ackerman May 2, 2014

A “Cathy” movie, filled with dietary struggles, overbearing mothers, and a script punctuated by a number of “ack!”
Lights, Camera, Cocktails Brody Brown July 21, 2011

Historical Examples

It lets a whole lot o’ things go on that you’d think ought to ‘a’ been stopped hundreds of years ago by ack of Parliament.
Miss Million’s Maid Bertha Ruck

“Qu—,” said the duck, and he disappeared before he had time to get the “-ack” out of him.
Irish Fairy Tales James Stephens

But I ain’t so much to blame; times you ack like a boy yit, Tom-Jeff.
The Quickening Francis Lynde

McGee asked the ack Emma who was making a careful check of the plane.
Aces Up Covington Clarke

Cose dey gits mad wid you but dey don’ beat non o’ us; jes’ ack lak it.
Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States, From Interviews with Former Slaves Work Projects Administration

“Set your guns up agin the wall an’ ack nacherul,” commanded Mrs. Bolster.
Si Klegg, Book 3 (of 6) John McElroy

Anyways, they didn’t talk loud, but Mr. Parcher would sort of grunt an’ ack cross.
Seventeen Booth Tarkington

“I’m gwineter larn you howter talk ter ‘spectubble fokes if hit’s der las’ ack,” says Brer Fox, sezee.
Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 99., Dec. 20, 1890 Various

British oral code for letter A in wireless and telephone communication, 1898; hence ack-ack “anti-aircraft” (gun, fire, etc.).

1. /ak/ The mnemonic for the ACKnowledge character, ASCII code 6.
2. A message transmitted to indicate that some data has been received correctly. Typically, if the sender does not receive the ACK message after some predetermined time, or receives a NAK, the original data will be sent again.
[Jargon File]
Nantucket Memorial Airport

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