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Acne papulosa

acne papulosa

acne papulosa acne pap·u·lo·sa (pāp’yə-lō’sə)
Acne vulgaris in which papular lesions predominate.


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  • Acne punctata

    acne punctata acne punctata acne punc·ta·ta (pŭngk-tā’tə) n. A condition resembling chloracne in that central blackheads are present in all the lesions.

  • Acne pustulosa

    acne pustulosa acne pustulosa acne pus·tu·lo·sa (pŭs’tyə-lō’sə) n. Acne vulgaris in which pustular lesions predominate.

  • Acne rosacea

    . Historical Examples Acne, a skin disease showing hard reddish pimples; acne rosacea, a congestion of the skin of the nose and parts adjoining. The Nuttall Encyclopaedia Edited by Rev. James Wood The latter is frequently associated with acne (acne rosacea). Essentials of Diseases of the Skin Henry Weightman Stelwagon acne rosacea n. See rosacea.

  • Acne varioliformis

    acne varioliformis acne varioliformis acne var·i·o·li·for·mis (vār’ē-ō’lə-fôr’mĭs) n. A pyogenic infection of the hair follicles occurring chiefly on the forehead and temples.

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