variant of before a vowel:

acr- pref.
Variant of acro-.

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  • Acral

    acral acral ac·ral (āk’rəl) adj. Of, relating to, or affecting peripheral parts, such as limbs, fingers, or ears.

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  • Acrania

    acrania acrania a·cra·ni·a (ā-krā’nē-ə, ə-krā’-) n. Congenital absence of all or a part of the skull. a·cra’ni·al adj. Historical Examples Hence we may call it after the acrania as well as after the Tangles. The History of Creation, Vol. II (of 2) Ernst Haeckel It is absent as a distinct gland in the acrania and […]

  • Acrasin

    a chemotactic substance, identical with cAMP, secreted by myxamebas of cellular slime molds and attracting other myxamebas to aggregate and form a pseudoplasmodium.

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    a common measure of area: in the U.S. and U.K., 1 acre equals 4,840 square yards (4,047 square meters) or 0.405 hectare; 640 acres equals one square mile. acres. lands; land: wooded acres. Informal. large quantities: acres of Oriental rugs. Archaic. a plowed or sown field. a state in W Brazil. 58,900 sq. mi. (152,550 […]

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