extent or area in ; collectively.
a plot of land amounting to approximately one :
They bought an acreage on the outskirts of town.
Contemporary Examples

He says, ‘Everybody thinks that because I have a place in Montecito, I’ve got a big ranch and a lot of acreage.
Bruce Weber’s 25th Anniversary of Let’s Get Lost at the Venice Film Festival 2013 Isabel Wilkinson August 30, 2013

The acreage at Area 13 was fenced off with simple barbed wire.
America’s Secret Nuclear Test Revealed in Area 51 Annie Jacobsen May 12, 2011

It starts on A1and takes up nearly half the acreage below the fold.
A1-Worthy Musical Deaths Michael Tomasky May 17, 2012

Historical Examples

The growers of this region are organized into selling associations so that estimates of acreage and yields are obtainable.
Manual of American Grape-Growing U. P. Hedrick

He has time to tempt thousands of smaller birds to his acreage.
Child and Country Will Levington Comfort

The Americans are quietly acquiring as great an acreage as possible of the tobacco lands of Cuba.
On the Mexican Highlands William Seymour Edwards

In 1875 barely a thousand acres were under tea; now the acreage is 385,000.
East of Suez Frederic Courtland Penfield

The extent of land is reckoned not by acreage, but by the heads of cattle it will keep.
The Roof of France Matilda Betham-Edwards

The acreage in coffee has greatly increased in recent years.
All About Coffee William H. Ukers

Our acreage is about one-half of what it was last year and we will make about the same crop as last year.
How to Prosper in Boll Weevil Territory G. H. Alford

land area in acres
(Austral) of or relating to a large allotment of land, esp in a rural area

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