acropustulosis ac·ro·pus·tu·lo·sis (āk’rō-pŭs’tyə-lō’sĭs)
Recurring pustular eruptions on the hands and feet.

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    an organelle covering the head of animal sperm and containing enzymes that digest the egg cell coating, thus permitting the sperm to enter the egg. Historical Examples The acrosome seems to develop directly out of the cytoplasm. Studies in Spermatogenesis Nettie Maria Stevens Spermatids containing both the chromatin nucleolus (n) and the odd chromosome (x), […]

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    acrosomal cap acrosomal cap n. A caplike structure at the anterior end of a spermatozoon that produces enzymes aiding in egg penetration. Also called acrosome, head cap.

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    acrosomal granule acrosomal granule n. A large granule that is formed by the coalescing of proacrosomal granules within the acrosomal vesicle and adheres to the nuclear envelope of a developing spermatozoon.

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