of or derived from .
a paint, prepared especially for artists, in which an serves as a vehicle.
a painting done with this type of paint:
She sold several acrylics during the show.
Contemporary Examples

The coat (available in both denim and acrylic) was reportedly created in 2004, though it is still awaiting patent.
From the Anti-Rape Bra to Chastity Belts: How Women Use Clothing for Protection Soraya Roberts June 4, 2013

A hard court, like the ones at the U.S. Open, consists of a thin film of acrylic over an asphalt base.
The U.S. Open’s Watergate Allen St. John September 8, 2011

Waves crashed against the $9 million, 26-foot-high acrylic pavilion that encases the 90-year-old carousel.
Jane’s Carousel Survives A Very Close Call With Hurricane Sandy Matthew DeLuca October 31, 2012

Historical Examples

The transmitter, batteries, and antenna were molded into a collar of acrylic weighing 11 ounces (Mech et al. 1965).
Ecological Studies of the Timber Wolf in Northeastern Minnesota L. David Mech

His acrylic radio collar was also cracked on the right side in three places.
An Experimental Translocation of the Eastern Timber Wolf Thomas F. Weise

It forms an addition product with acrylic ester, which on heating loses nitrogen and leaves trimethylene dicarboxylic ester.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 4 Various

of, derived from, or concerned with acrylic acid
short for acrylic fibre, acrylic resin
a paint or colour containing acrylic resin

1855, “of or containing acryl,” name of a radical from acrolein (1843), the name of a liquid in onions and garlic that makes eyes tear, from Latin acer “sharp” (see acrid) + olere “to smell” (see odor) + -in (see -ine (2)). With adjectival suffix + -ic. Modern senses often short for acrylic fiber, acrylic resin, etc.

An acrylic resin.

A paint containing acrylic resin.

An acrylic fiber.

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