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a person or thing that .
Chemistry, Biochemistry. a catalyst.
any impurity in a mineral that causes luminescence.
Compare (def 3).
Orthodontics. a removable appliance, usually of hard plastic, that is worn in the mouth instead of a fixed appliance to help align the teeth and improve the relationship of the lower jaw to the upper.
Historical Examples

The Black Doctor closed his eyes wearily and flipped an activator switch.
Contamination Crew Alan Edward Nourse

They may have been, and the use of the activator may have been extorted from one of them.
Temple Trouble Henry Beam Piper

Finally, he poked the activator bar, and watched as the machine spat out tape.
The Players Everett B. Cole

Nargyll wants to move your ship into one of the sheds, but the activator key’s gone.
Astounding Stories, June, 1931 Various

activator ac·ti·va·tor (āk’tə-vā’tər)

An agent that renders another substance active or accelerates a process or reaction.

The fragment produced by chemical cleavage of a proactivator that induces the enzymatic activity of another substance.


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