Active duty

the status of full-time service:
on active duty.
Contemporary Examples

Right now there are only about 2,500 SEALs on active duty in a range of missions worldwide, virtually all of them secret.
The Navy SEALs Who Saved the Day Tony Doukopil May 2, 2011

The Army would pay for Kole to complete his undergraduate degree, and he would return to active duty as a second lieutenant.
A Soldier and a Cadet, Quietly Together Under DADT, Survive A Sexual Assault Jesse Ellison October 10, 2012

Therefore, all mental-health services for active duty fall under the DoD.
Armed Services Members MIA in Presidential Debates, Campaign Marjorie Morrison October 16, 2012

We sometimes go to ball games together, Tom and I, and the active duty military stand up and everybody claps, which is nice.
America Needs a Makeover Tony Doukopil September 8, 2011

So will pregnancy – which is of course grounds for removing women from active duty.
The Truth About Women in Combat David Frum February 28, 2013

Historical Examples

Officers on the retired list receive three-fourths as much pay as when on active duty at sea.
Four American Naval Heroes Mabel Beebe

They had served together in the Space Service when Mike was on active duty.
Unwise Child Gordon Randall Garrett

There were mechanical difficulties in securing for enlisted men in active duty leave to attend a caucus in Paris.
The Story of The American Legion George Seay Wheat

The appointment was for life, but they took it in turns to be on active duty.
The Hansa Towns Helen Zimmern

Many will be involved in this effort, from FBI agents to intelligence operatives to the reservists we have called to active duty.
Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to 2006 Various

Full-time service, as in Julian is 81, but he still comes to the office every day and is very much on active duty. This term comes from the military, where it stands in opposition to reserve, which refers to troops still in the military but not actively engaged. It is occasionally transferred to civilian matters as well. [ First half of 1800s ]

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