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Australian Council of Trade Unions
Historical Examples

The next morning his man (in actu or potentia) enjoys his pickadels.
Character Writings of the 17th Century Various

“But it could have existed in potentia and not in actu,”2 observed Don Filipo.
The Social Cancer Jos Rizal

He hath the abilities of the mind in potentia, and actu nothing but boldness.
Character Writings of the 17th Century Various

But yet I must answer that some knew of it and as existing in actu.
The Social Cancer Jos Rizal

If it has this power, this must at some time be realized in actu.
A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy Isaac Husik

Health in actu means, among other things, good sleeping and digesting.
Pragmatism William James

Everything is knowable in so far as it is actually (in actu) and not merely potentially.
The Mediaeval Mind (Volume II of II) Henry Osborn Taylor

No, nothing has existence in actu which has not individuality, including not only form, but also accidents.
A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy Isaac Husik

Plus in posse quam in actu—More in possibility 20 than actuality.
Dictionary of Quotations from Ancient and Modern, English and Foreign Sources James Wood

Well, she actu’lly got on her feet oncet an’ made him walk her crost the porch.
The Man of the Desert Grace Livingston Hill


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