the doctrine that all reality is animate or in motion.

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  • Actualistic

    the doctrine that all reality is animate or in motion.

  • Actuality

    existence; reality. an condition or circumstance; fact: Space travel is now an actuality. Contemporary Examples But in actuality, the novel contains ample material that points to a real and specific time and place. This Week’s Hot Reads: April 14, 2014 Charles Shafaieh April 13, 2014 In actuality, an encounter with a goddess of the underworld […]

  • Actualization

    the act or process of . Psychology, . Historical Examples Besides, even if actualization be contemporaneous with potentiality, why should not the first rank be assigned to actualization? Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 3 Plotinos (Plotinus) Hence the process itself is the actualization of the potential. A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy Isaac Husik He had […]

  • Actually

    as an or existing fact; really. Contemporary Examples But the idea that he thinks this can just stop there is preposterous, not to say revolting, actually. Wayne LaPierre, Blaming Everything but Guns Michael Tomasky December 20, 2012 While Hayek, by contrast, is more slippery and much less helpful when it comes to determining what government […]

  • Actuals

    plural noun See physicals Historical Examples Nor did the disastrous discrepancy appear only in the actuals of 1868-69. The Earl of Mayo William Wilson Hunter

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