Ad majorem dei gloriam

for the greater glory of God: motto of the Jesuits.
Historical Examples

The society designated their object by Loyola’s motto—Omnia ad majorem Dei gloriam.
Mysticism and its Results John Delafield

Even among the Jesuits, with their corrupted theology, the motto emblazoned on their standard was, ad majorem Dei gloriam.
Beacon Lights of History, Volume VII John Lord

ad majorem Dei gloriam was the motto of Ignatius of Loyola, the main principle of all his conduct.
The New Conspiracy Against the Jesuits Detected and Briefly Exposed R. C. Dallas

He, however, begs to assure the reader that he did everything “ad majorem Dei gloriam.”
Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 1 Plotinos (Plotinus)

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