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Ada 83

ada 83

The original Ada, as opposed to Ada 95.


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  • Ada 95

    ada 95 language A revision and extension of Ada (Ada 83) begun in 1988 and completed on 1994-12-01 by a team lead by Tucker Taft of Intermetrics. Chris Anderson was the Project Manager. The printed standard was expected to be available around 1995-02-15. Additions include object-orientation (tagged types, abstract types and class-wide types), hierarchical libraries […]

  • Ada 9x

    ada 9x language The working title for Ada 95 before its adoption as an ISO standard. (1995-01-19)

  • Ada core technologies

    ada core technologies company (ACT) The company that maintains GNAT. Ada Core Technologies was founded in 1994 by the original authors of the GNAT compiler. ACT provides software for Ada 95 development. (http://gnat.com/). (2000-10-28)

  • Ada deficiency

    . a severe immune system disorder caused by a genetic inability to produce adenosine deaminase.

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