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  • Adabas

    adabas database A relational database system by Software AG. While it was initially designed for large IBM mainframe systems (e.g. S/370 in the late 1970s), it has been ported to numerous other platforms over the last few years such as several flavors of Unix including AIX. ADABAS stores its data in tables (and is thus […]

  • Adactylous

    having no fingers or toes. adjective possessing no fingers or toes

  • Adacs

    adacs Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem

  • Adactyly

    adactyly adactyly a·dac·ty·ly (ā-dāk’tə-lē) or a·dac·tyl·i·a (ā’dāk-tĭl’ē-ə, ə-dāk-) or a·dac·tyl·ism (ā-dāk’tə-lĭz’əm) n. Congenital absence of fingers or toes. a·dac’ty·lous adj.

  • Adad

    Babylonian god of storms and wind. a coded card or other device that when inserted into a telephone allows the user to reach a number without dialing. Contemporary Examples The Daily Pic: Adad Hannah mirrrors the mirroring that happens in Velazquez. Reflecting on Genius Blake Gopnik October 17, 2013 This is a still from a […]

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