one of the two wives of Lamech. Gen. 4:19.
the wife of Esau, and the mother of Eliphaz, Gen. 36:2, 4, 10, 12, 16.
Historical Examples

“Well, the fact is, we want to use this room,” continued Adah.
For the School Colours Angela Brazil

Adah joins in his entreaties, and endeavours to cling to the sides of the vessel.
The Works of Lord Byron Lord Byron

And Adah and her brothers and sisters were also born unto the house of Adam.
The Secret of the Creation Howard D. Pollyen

However, this mishap did not wholly abate Adah’s interest in our affairs.
The House Eugene Field

She did not seem to hear him, but continued questioning Adah.
Bad Hugh Mary Jane Holmes

And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of the shepherds that dwell in tents.
The City of God, Volume II Aurelius Augustine

But no, his eyes were only intent on the darkness without; he had no care for her, Adah, though he knew she was there.
Bad Hugh Mary Jane Holmes

“We’re not going to alter our arrangements for anybody,” returned Adah tartly.
For the School Colours Angela Brazil

Adah began the proceedings by reading a report of the school activities for the previous term.
For the School Colours Angela Brazil

Adah was making a desperate effort to curb her temper and be conciliatory.
For the School Colours Angela Brazil

ornament. (1.) The first of Lamech’s two wives, and the mother of Jabal and Jubal (Gen. 4:19, 20, 23). (2.) The first of Esau’s three wives, the daughter of Elon the Hittite (Gen. 36:2,4), called also Bashemath (26:34).

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