utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion in spite of all appeals, urgings, etc.
too hard to cut, break, or pierce.
any impenetrably or unyieldingly hard substance.
a legendary stone of impenetrable hardness, formerly sometimes identified with the diamond.
Contemporary Examples

Though the Obama administration has dethroned them, noecons continue to argue their views as adamantly as ever.
This Week’s Hot Reads The Daily Beast November 30, 2009

Paul adamantly insisted that the message he preached did not derive from the apostles before him.
Should Christians Celebrate the Birth of Paul, Not Jesus? James D. Tabor December 24, 2012

But her story, which she stuck to adamantly, was a series of elaborate lies.
Speed Read: ‘Presumed Guilty—Casey Anthony: The Inside Story’ The Daily Beast July 5, 2012

The kettle was adamantly calling the pot black as Netanyahu accused Iran of doing all sorts of shady things with nuclear power.
Netanyahu’s Iran Soliloquy at the U.N. Maysoon Zayid October 1, 2013

Vidal adamantly believed “gay” referred to a sexual act, not a sexual identity.
How Gay Was Gore Vidal? Tim Teeman July 30, 2013

Kelley adamantly refuses to characterize her feelings toward Broadwell, an academic and former Army officer.
Jill Kelley Says Paula Broadwell Tried to ‘Blackmail’ Her Howard Kurtz January 21, 2013

But he adamantly refused to apologize, and chorus of Marines who surrounded him bristled at the suggestion.
Another Vietnam Casualty Mitchell Blumenthal May 18, 2010

adamantly, Browne has refused to discuss his responsibility for the Gulf crisis.
July Fourth Outrage: British Gov’t Elevates Disgraced BP Boss Tom Bower June 30, 2010

Historical Examples

He there recorded a 1593 Doctrina, but adamantly refused to accept it on the hearsay evidence of others.
Doctrina Christiana Anonymous

This is a brutish Malthusianism which must be adamantly countered.
Pipefuls Christopher Morley

unshakable in purpose, determination, or opinion; unyielding
a less common word for adamantine (sense 1)
any extremely hard or apparently unbreakable substance
a legendary stone said to be impenetrable, often identified with the diamond or loadstone

late 14c., “hard, unbreakable,” from adamant (n.). Figurative sense of “unshakeable” first recorded 1670s. Related: Adamantly; adamance.

mid-14c., from Old French adamant and directly from Latin adamantem (nominative adamas) “adamant, hardest iron, steel,” also figuratively, of character, from Greek adamas (genitive adamantos) “unbreakable, inflexible” metaphoric of anything unalterable, also the name of a hypothetical hardest material, perhaps literally “invincible,” from a- “not” + daman “to conquer, to tame” (see tame (adj.)), or else a word of foreign origin altered to conform to Greek.

Applied in antiquity to white sapphire, magnet (perhaps via confusion with Latin adamare “to love passionately”), steel, emery stone, and especially diamond (see diamond). The word was in Old English as aðamans “a very hard stone.”

(Heb. shamir), Ezek. 3:9. The Greek word adamas means diamond. This stone is not referred to, but corundum or some kind of hard steel. It is an emblem of firmness in resisting adversaries of the truth (Zech. 7:12), and of hard-heartedness against the truth (Jer. 17:1).

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