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A Depository of Development Documents.
A public domain Software Engineering Environment from GMD developed as part of the STONE project.


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  • Added entry

    an access point in a catalog or bibliography that is other than the main entry and may be less complete than the main entry.

  • Added line

    . Historical Examples He had marked every added line about her mouth, every bitter word that fell from her lips. Phases of an Inferior Planet Ellen Glasgow Three-lined C, (written ), is represented by the second added line above the treble staff, etc. Music Notation and Terminology Karl W. Gehrkens

  • Added sixth

    noun a chord much used esp in jazz, consisting of a triad with an added sixth above the root Also called added sixth chord Compare sixth chord

  • Added title page

    a title page preceding or following the main title page of a book, often giving a series title or the book title in another language. Historical Examples added title page (from start of the series) and table of contents. The Strand Magazine – Vol. 1 – No. 5 – May 1891 Various

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