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Henry, Viscount Sidmouth
[sid-muh th] /ˈsɪd məθ/ (Show IPA), 1757–1844, British statesman: prime minister 1801–04.
Contemporary Examples

Addington, like his boss, has also been caricatured as just short of Satanic.
The Cheney You Don’t Know Matt Latimer October 11, 2010

Historical Examples

In the course of the memoir, there is a letter of Addington’s, speaking of Sheridan’s famous speech on the Begum question.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 378, April, 1847 Various

When there were magnates in Addington, James had been a poor boy.
The Prisoner Alice Brown

The peril of the nation forced Addington from office and recalled Pitt to power.
History of the English People, Volume VIII (of 8) John Richard Green

He knew perfectly what the attitude of Addington would be to him.
The Prisoner Alice Brown

Tomline’s decision, that Pitt could never accept a sinecure from Addington, is indisputable.
William Pitt and the Great War John Holland Rose

Miss Amabel was pure Addington in all her unconsidered impulses.
The Prisoner Alice Brown

The charge was unfair; for at that crisis Pitt could not stand by and see the national resources frittered away by Addington.
William Pitt and the Great War John Holland Rose

Addington, to a woman, knew exactly the ideal thing for Esther to have done.
The Prisoner Alice Brown

Addington, describing this visit, remarked that Pitt had become one of his family.
William Pitt and the Great War John Holland Rose

Henry, 1st Viscount Sidmouth. 1757–1844, British statesman; prime minister (1801–04) and Home Secretary (1812–21)


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