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  • Addon

    a device or unit added to equipment or a construction: an add-on to a computer; a nice add-on to an old house. an extra charge: Add-ons for taxes and tour guide fees boosted the price of the vacation to $2,500. an additional item, as a rider or provision: This is just another legislative add-on. anything […]

  • Address bar

    a narrow, horizontal space in the window of a web browser that is used to display the address of a website. noun (computing) the space provided (on a browser) for showing the addresses of websites noun the space on the Web browser screen in which the currently used Web site address is displayed; also the […]

  • Address book

    noun a notebook or equivalent electronic storage medium where one keeps names and addresses; in computing, esp. for email addresses Examples You can easily add and delete from the software’s address book. Contemporary Examples The address book can be found on my table in the study should need same. The Man Oswald First Tried to […]

  • Address mask

    address mask networking (Or “subnet mask”) A bit mask used to identify which bits in an IP address correspond to the network address and subnet portions of the address. This mask is often referred to as the subnet mask because the network portion of the address can be determined by the class inherent in an […]

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