a female given name: from a Germanic word meaning “noble.”.
Contemporary Examples

Here’s your afternoon culture news links: Idina Menzel Renamed Adele Dazeem in Playbill.
Adele Dazeem Debuts on Broadway, Justin Bieber’s Private Parts Blurred March 4, 2014

Sure, making your way on to the Grammy’s stage with absolutely no press credentials is a feat, but you just don’t mess with Adele.
An Analysis of Vitalii Sediuk’s Pranks (He’s the Guy Who Touched Brad Pitt) Amy Zimmerman May 28, 2014

The way Fred and Adele Astaire glided and strode on stage must have reminded one of the joys of being alive.
This Week’s Hot Reads: March 23, 2012 Jimmy So March 24, 2012

Adele makes it out of surgery, but has a heart attack shortly after.
11 Wacky, Moving, Memorable ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Moments (VIDEO) Chancellor Agard October 9, 2013

Adele, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Neil Patrick Harris all danced and sang along.
Grammy Awards 2013 Best Moments: Taylor Swift, J.Lo & More (VIDEO) Kevin Fallon February 10, 2013

Historical Examples

Adele took the girl’s feet and drew them down to the step of the car.
At the Villa Rose A. E. W. Mason

He had not been near Mr. Love since Adele had accepted the epicier.
Night and Morning, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The two Savelli gazed at Adele in undisguised astonishment and horror.
Pietro Ghisleri F. (Francis) Marion Crawford

For instance, you know the two girls who lodge at my place, Adele and Virginie.
L’Assommoir Emile Zola

It was only that Adele had a way of taking for granted she was persona grata, that Nance thought was rather too free.
Molly Brown’s Senior Days Nell Speed

A language for specification of attribute grammars, used by the MUG2 compiler compiler.
[“An Overview of the Attribute Definition Language ADELE”, H. Ganziger in GI3, Fachesprach “Compiler-Compiler”, W. Henhapl ed, Munchen Mar 1982, pp.22-53].

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