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a seaport in and the economic capital of the Republic of Yemen, in the S part: formerly the center of a British colony.
Colony of. Also called State of Aden. a former British colony on the Gulf of Aden and a member of the former Federation of South Arabia. 75 sq. mi. (194 sq. km).
Protectorate of, former name, until 1962, of the former Protectorate of South Arabia.
Gulf of, an arm of the Arabian Sea between the E tip of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
variant of before a vowel:
Republic of, a country in S Arabia, formed in 1990 by the merger of the Yemen Arab Republic and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen. 207,000 sq. mi. (536,130 sq. km).
Capital: Aden.
Also called North Yemen. a former country in SW Arabia: since 1990 a part of the Republic of Yemen.
Capital: Sanʿa.
Also called South Yemen. a former country in S Arabia: since 1990 a part of the Republic of Yemen.
Capital: Aden.
Contemporary Examples

On October 14, Al Hirak held its largest protest ever with more than 100,000 people attending a rally in the port city of Aden.
Yemen’s a Model All Right—For Disaster Michael Shank , Casey Harrity November 13, 2014

AQAP has taken advantage of the chaos to build a growing power base in the south outside Aden.
Ibrahim al Asiri: al Qaeda’s ‘Genius’€™ Bomb Maker Bruce Riedel May 7, 2012

Make Aden, once a hub of the British empire’s global trade, a world-class port again.
The Brains Behind the Foiled Plane Plot Bruce Riedel October 29, 2010

The pipes and drums then commenced to play “The Barren Rocks of Aden.”
Michael Daly: My Last Day With JFK Michael Daly November 10, 2013

Aden and the rest of the south never really accepted the 1990 union and have sought to return to independence since.
Al Qaeda’s Latest Foothold Bruce Riedel March 21, 2011

Historical Examples

It is sufficient to state that the British political dependency of Aden is, ethnologically, an Arab town.
The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies Robert Gordon Latham

I therefore sailed with the Choising in the direction of Aden.
The Story of the Great War, Volume III (of VIII) Various

I have traced him as far as Aden, but I do not know the name of the vessel in which he left that place.
My First Voyage to Southern Seas W.H.G. Kingston

The route to be taken was the usual one by Aden and Port Said.
The Coming Conquest of England August Niemann

They are going to have a fancy-dress ball on board, I believe, before we get to Aden.
Mrs. Falchion, Complete Gilbert Parker

the main port and commercial capital of Yemen, on the N coast of the Gulf of Aden, an arm of the Indian Ocean at the entrance to the Red Sea: capital of South Yemen until 1990: formerly an important port of call on shipping routes to the East. Pop: 584 000 (2005 est)
a former British colony and protectorate on the S coast of the Arabian Peninsula: became part of South Yemen in 1967, now part of Yemen. Area: 195 sq km (75 sq miles)
a republic in SW Arabia, on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden: formed in 1990 from the union of North Yemen and South Yemen: consists of arid coastal lowlands, rising to fertile upland valleys and mountains in the west and to the Hadhramaut plateau in the SE: the north and east contains part of the Great Sandy Desert. Official language: Arabic. Official religion: Muslim. Currency: riyal. Capital: San`a. Pop: 25 408 288 (2005 est). Area (including territory claimed by Yemen along the undemarcated eastern border with Saudi Arabia): 472 099 sq km (182 278 sq miles) Official name Yemen Republic See also North Yemen, South Yemen

place in southern Arabia, ultimately from Akkadian edinnu “plain,” which some think also is the root of Biblical Eden.

southwestern region of Arabia, from Arabic Yemen, literally “the country of the south,” from yaman “right side” (i.e., south side, if one is facing east). The right side regarded as auspicious, hence Arabic yamana “he was happy,” literally “he went to the right,” and hence the Latin name for the region in Roman times, Arabia Felix, lit, “Happy Arabia.”

aden- pref.
Variant of adeno-.
Aden [(ah-dn, ay-dn)]

Capital and chief port of Yemen, located on the Gulf of Aden, near the southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula and the southern entrance of the Red Sea.

Note: Its strategic location and excellent harbor have made Aden an important trading center of southern Arabia since ancient times, as well as a coveted conquest.

Now the Republic of Yemen. Yemen is at the mouth of the Red Sea, in the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north and Oman to the east; formerly divided into North Yemen (the Yemen Arab Republic) and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen.

Note: Northern Yemen became an independent country after World War I.

Note: Southern Yemen won independence from Britain in 1967 and became the world’s only communist Arab state.

Note: The two Yemens were reunified as a result of the democratic reforms of the Soviet Union and its satellite countries in 1990.


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