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inflammation of the tissue.

adenoiditis ad·e·noid·i·tis (ād’n-oi-dī’tĭs)
Inflammation of the adenoids.


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  • Adenoids

    Usually, adenoids. an enlarged mass of lymphoid tissue in the upper pharynx, often obstructing breathing through the nasal passages. of or relating to the lymph glands. of or relating to the adenoids. Historical Examples The diet may be at fault; adenoids are supposed by some physicians to be the cause. The Eugenic Marriage, Volume IV. […]

  • Adenolipoma

    adenolipoma adenolipoma ad·e·no·li·po·ma (ād’n-ō-lĭ-pō’mə, -lī-) n. A benign neoplasm composed of both glandular and adipose tissues.

  • Adenolipomatosis

    adenolipomatosis adenolipomatosis ad·e·no·li·po·ma·to·sis (ād’n-ō-lĭ-pō’mə-tō’sĭs) n. A condition marked by the development of multiple adenolipomas.

  • Adenology

    the branch of medicine dealing with the development, structure, function, and diseases of glands.

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