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very skilled; proficient; expert:
an adept juggler.
a skilled or proficient person; expert.
Contemporary Examples

Gosling is just as adept at wearing what Jannuzzi says is the next trend for summer: the tank top.
Jude Law and the Great Male ‘He-Vage’ Crisis Tim Teeman May 19, 2014

Through the years he became just as adept at politics as he was on horseback.
The Cowboy Sheriff of Las Vegas Rides Into ‘Mob Museum’ John L. Smith June 7, 2014

Mohammed was an adept and relentless networker with a gift for small talk and instant familiarity.
9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Finally on Trial at Guantanamo Terry McDermott May 3, 2012

Courtesy, kindness, and punctuality: the old Trot was adept at all the old bourgeois virtues.
Christopher Hitchens: A Young Contrarian Salutes Him Max McGuinness December 17, 2011

There is no politician in America as adept at disconcerting the elites as Sarah Palin.
Palin Paranoia Decoded Tunku Varadarajan November 22, 2010

Historical Examples

In an intrigue based on such lines Miguel Figuero was an adept.
The Message Louis Tracy

If my doubts are well founded, he must be an adept in the art of dissimulation.
The Politician Out-Witted Samuel Low

But the Irishman is a deacon of his craft, and settles the point like an adept.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 57, No. 354, April 1845 Various

In the act of removing all records and remains of feasts, David became an adept.
David Dunne Belle Kanaris Maniates

Men who live in such a world as this become sensitive to its symptoms, and adept at interpreting them.
Chronicles of Dustypore Henry Stewart Cunningham

adjective (əˈdɛpt)
very proficient in something requiring skill or manual dexterity
skilful; expert
noun (ˈædɛpt)
a person who is skilled or proficient in something

1690s, “completely skilled” from Latin adeptus “having reached, attained,” past participle of adipisci “to come up with, arrive at,” figuratively “to attain to, acquire,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + apisci “grasp, attain,” related to aptus “fitted” (see apt). Related: Adeptly.

“an expert,” especially “one who is skilled in the secrets of anything,” 1660s, from Latin adeptus (see adept (adj.)). The Latin adjective was used as a noun in this sense in Medieval Latin among alchemists.


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