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adhesiotomy ad·he·si·ot·o·my (ād-hē’zē-ŏt’ə-mē)
Surgical division or separation of adhesions.


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  • Adhesive

    coated with glue, paste, mastic, or other sticky substance: adhesive bandages. sticking fast; sticky; clinging. Physics. of or relating to the molecular force that exists in the area of contact between unlike bodies and that acts to unite them. a substance that causes something to , as glue or rubber cement. . Philately. a postage […]

  • Adhesive bandage

    a bandage consisting of a small pad of gauze affixed to a strip of adhesive tape. adhesive bandage n. A dressing of absorbent gauze affixed to plastic or fabric coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

  • Adhesive absorbent dressing

    adhesive absorbent dressing adhesive absorbent dressing n. A sterile dressing consisting of a plain absorbent gause or compress affixed to a film of fabric coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

  • Adhesive binding

    . noun (bookbinding) a style of binding used mainly for paperback books, where the backs of the gathered sections are trimmed and inserted into a cover along with adhesive to hold the pages and cover together Also called perfect binding

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