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Adhesive factor

the ratio of the force that can be exerted on driving wheels with full traction to the weight on the driving wheels, usually expressed as a percentage.


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  • Adhesive pericarditis

    adhesive pericarditis adhesive pericarditis n. Pericarditis with adhesions between the two pericardial layers, between the pericardium and heart, or between the pericardium and neighboring structures.

  • Adhesive peritonitis

    adhesive peritonitis adhesive peritonitis n. Peritonitis characterized by a fibrinous exudate that mats together the intestines and various other organs.

  • Adhesive plaster

    adhesive tape, especially in wide sheets. Historical Examples The membranes and integuments are then restored to their position, and an adhesive plaster placed over the whole. Sheep, Swine, and Poultry Robert Jennings An adhesive plaster is in popular language a sticking-plaster. English Synonyms and Antonyms James Champlin Fernald A stimulant, resolvent, and adhesive plaster, once […]

  • Adhesive pleurisy

    adhesive pleurisy adhesive pleurisy n. See dry pleurisy.

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