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coated with glue, paste, mastic, or other sticky substance:
adhesive bandages.
sticking fast; sticky; clinging.
Physics. of or relating to the molecular force that exists in the area of contact between unlike bodies and that acts to unite them.
a substance that causes something to , as glue or rubber cement.
Philately. a postage stamp with a gummed back, as distinguished from one embossed or printed on an envelope or card.
Historical Examples

Linseed oils, raw and boiled, which are used to give consistency, adhesiveness and also elasticity to the coat when dry.
Handwork in Wood William Noyes

Acquisitiveness is an essential trait of aristocracy, and adhesiveness of its perpetuity.
The Origin of Man and of his Superstitions Carveth Read

The true location of acquisitiveness is anterior to combativeness, and lower than adhesiveness.
Buchanan’s Journal of Man, October 1887 Various

Directly above Inhabitiveness and adhesiveness, Continuity is located.
The Illustrated Self-Instructor in Phrenology and Physiology O. S. Fowler

Secretiveness shows opacity, while Combativeness shows intense activity which extends into adhesiveness and cautiousness.
Buchanan’s Journal of Man, August 1887 Various

I mention this incident to give an idea of the adhesiveness of the glue used in the construction of Swifts’ nests.
Bird Lore, Volume I–1899 Various

To prevent this and to increase its adhesiveness it is sometimes mixed with a little gum.
Practical Lithography Alfred Seymour

A little boiled rice flour improves its adhesiveness for indoor use.
The Choctaw Freedmen Robert Elliott Flickinger

adhesiveness seems to be the head and front, the bones and the blood, of their creed.
The Wit and Humor of America, Volume IV. (of X.) Various

Fipps was a man of cosmopolitan tastes, and he had not the phrenological organs of locality and adhesiveness largely developed.
Secret Service or Recollections of a City Detective Andrew Forrester

able or designed to adhere; sticky: adhesive tape
tenacious or clinging
a substance used for sticking objects together, such as glue, cement, or paste

1660s, from French adhésif, formed in French from Latin adhaes-, past participle stem of adhaere (see adherent).

1881, from adhesive (adj.). Originally of postage stamps (adhesive stamp is attested from 1840). Of substances that cause to adhere by 1900.

adhesive ad·he·sive (ād-hē’sĭv, -zĭv)

Tending to adhere; sticky.

Of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an adhesion.

A substance that adheres to a surface or causes adherence between surfaces.
Noun A substance, such as paste or cement, that causes two surfaces to stick together. Adhesives are made of gelatin or other substances, such as epoxy, resin, or polyethylene.

Adjective Relating to adhesion.


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