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a line on a thermodynamic chart relating the pressure and temperature of a substance undergoing an adiabatic change.


Read Also:

  • Adiabatic chart

    a graph for the analysis of adiabatic processes.

  • Adiabatically

    occurring without gain or loss of heat (opposed to ): an adiabatic process. adjective (of a thermodynamic process) taking place without loss or gain of heat noun a curve or surface on a graph representing the changes in two or more characteristics (such as pressure and volume) of a system undergoing an adiabatic process adj. […]

  • Adiactinic

    (of a medium) not capable of transmitting actinic rays. adjective (physics) denoting a substance that does not transmit radiation affecting photochemically sensitive materials, such as a safelight in a photographic darkroom

  • Adiadochokinesia

    the inability to perform rapidly alternating muscular movements, as flexion and extension.

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