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Adie syndrome

adie syndrome

Adie syndrome n.
See Holmes-Adie syndrome.


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  • Adie’s pupil

    adie’s pupil Adie’s pupil A·die’s pupil (ā’dēz) n. See Holmes-Adie syndrome.

  • Adiel

    adiel ornament of God. (1.) The father of Azmaveth, who was treasurer under David and Solomon (1 Chr. 27:25). (2.) A family head of the tribe of Simeon (1 Chr. 4:36). (3.) A priest (1 Chr. 9:12).

  • Adient

    tending to move toward a stimulus.

  • Adieu

    goodbye; farewell. the act of leaving or departing; farewell. Contemporary Examples As Sarah Palin prepares to bid Alaska adieu, liberals should hope that she runs for president in 2012. Run, Sarah, Run! Michelle Goldberg July 22, 2009 But, when Hal is busted for running a Madoff-esque Ponzi scheme, Augie gets wiped out, and Ginger bids […]

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