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goodbye; farewell.
Historical Examples

“adios, amiga mia,” she said, her eyes innocently turning from the Señora Simpson to scan stealthily the northern slope.
The Gringos B. M. Bower

adios, señores, adios; I do not think we shall ever meet again.
Under the Chilian Flag Harry Collingwood

He had observed the waving of that white kerchief; and as he stood by the stand he had seen to whom the “adios” was addressed.
The White Chief Mayne Reid

If you will excuse us, therefore, we will bid you adios and go forthwith.
Harry Escombe Harry Collingwood

He remained for quite a while observing the performance intently and then got up and said, “adios!”
Little Pills, An Army Story Robert Henderson McKay

I could hear the voice, sad and sweet in the distance, calling back, “adios!”
The Rifle Rangers Captain Mayne Reid

“adios, Señor,” said the man politely, and Ned repeated his “adios” in the same tone.
The Texan Scouts Joseph A. Altsheler

The adios was soon said, and I started for the street again.
Tramping with Tramps Josiah Flynt

His riders saluted me as their old chief in passing, calling, “Buenas dias seor, adios!”
Curly Roger Pocock

After Florence had translated this message, the two girls called, “adios!”
The Mystery of Carlitos Helen Randolph

sentence substitute
goodbye; farewell

1837, American English, from Spanish adios, from phrase a dios vos acomiendo “I commend you to God” (see adieu).
Asian Dust Input to the Oceanic System


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