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Adipose infiltration

adipose infiltration

adipose infiltration n.
The growth of normal adult fat cells in sites where they are not usually present.


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  • Adipose tissue

    loose connective tissue in which fat cells accumulate. Historical Examples Evidence of this soon appears in the circumstance that the deposit of adipose tissue is no longer confined to the proper places. Tobacco and Alcohol John Fiske The acini are imbedded in a mass of adipose tissue which contains the vessels and nerves. A System […]

  • Adiposis

    fatty; consisting of, resembling, or relating to fat. animal fat stored in the fatty tissue of the body. adjective of, resembling, or containing fat; fatty noun animal fat adj. 1743, from Modern Latin adiposus “fatty,” from Latin adipem (nominative adeps, genitive adipis) “soft fat of animals, fat, lard,” from Greek aleipha “unguent, fat,” related to […]

  • Adiposis cardiaca

    adiposis cardiaca adiposis cardiaca adiposis car·di·a·ca (kär’dē-ā’kə) n. See fatty heart.

  • Adiposis tuberosa simplex

    adiposis tuberosa simplex adiposis tuberosa simplex adiposis tu·be·ro·sa sim·plex (tōō’bə-rō’sə sĭm’plěks’, tyōō’-) n. Small sensitive or painful masses of fat that occur on the abdomen or the extremities.

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