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a member of an Algonquian people living mainly north of the St. Lawrence River.
Adirondacks. .
a mountain range in NE New York: a part of the Appalachian Mountains. Highest peak, Mt. Marcy, 5344 feet (1629 meters).
Contemporary Examples

Sparkling with 7,500 lights, the two-ton Adirondack was larger than any ever used before.
The Mad Men Era: When Hope Was Cheap Jonathan Darman March 18, 2012

Historical Examples

Fig. 218 shows the well-known portage pack basket which is used by the guides in the Adirondack regions.
The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft Dan Beard

Would you like it yourselves, you would-be savages with Adirondack guides?
The Best Short Stories of 1920 Various

I felt myself carried along like a thin bubble of life in the storm that poured down from the Adirondack like Niagara.
The Trail Book Mary Austin

“These fish are as firm as the Adirondack trout” (Man from the Quarter).
The Man In The High-Water Boots F. Hopkinson Smith

When fresh run, they are long and lean, shaped somewhat like the lake trout of Adirondack lakes.
Fishing With The Fly Charles F. Orvis and Others

The lean-to or Adirondack camp is easily made and very popular.
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties D.C. Beard

I used a rod of this description for several summers both in Adirondack and western waters.
Woodcraft and Camping George Washington Sears (Nessmuk)

Some of the highest and most romantic of the Adirondack peaks environ these lakes.
America, Volume IV (of 6) Joel Cook

He was lost, hopelessly lost in the midst of the Adirondack wilds.
The Boy Scouts’ Mountain Camp John Henry Goldfrap

plural noun
a mountain range in NE New York State. Highest peak: Mount Marcy, 1629 m (5344 ft)

type of lawn or deck chair (Adirondack chair is attested from 1906), said to have been designed in 1903 by Thomas Lee, owner of the Westport Mountain Spring, a resort in the Adirondack region of New York State, and commercially manufactured the following year, but said originally to have been called Westport chair after the town where it was first made. Adirondack Mountains is a back-formation from Adirondacks, treated as a plural noun but really from Mohawk (Iroquoian) adiro:daks “tree-eaters,” a name applied to neighboring Algonquian tribes, in which the -s is an imperfective affix.
Adirondack Mountains [(ad-uh-ron-dak)]

Mountain range in northeastern New York state.

Note: The region is a resort area.


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