Adjustable spanner

(def 1).

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  • Adjusted

    arranged or fitted properly: Properly adjusted shelving will accommodate books of various heights. adapted to surroundings or circumstances (often used in combination): a well-adjusted child. to change (something) so that it fits, corresponds, or conforms; adapt; accommodate: to adjust expenses to income. to put in good working order; regulate; bring to a proper state or […]

  • Adjusted gross income

    (in U.S. income-tax returns) the total of an individual’s wages, salaries, interest, dividends, etc., minus allowable deductions. Abbreviation: AGI.

  • Adjuster

    a person or thing that . an insurance company representative who investigates claims and makes settlement recommendations based on the estimate of the damages and the company’s liability. Historical Examples In modern business the letter has become the advertiser, the salesman, the collector, and the adjuster of claims. Business English Rose Buhlig “Not an adjuster,” […]

  • Adjustive

    concerned with, making, or controlling : to settle in a chair with adjustive motions; a thermostat with an adjustive dial.

  • Adjustment disorder

    a mental disorder that occurs as a maladaptive reaction to an episode of psychological, social, or physical stress, as divorce or a natural disaster. adjustment disorder ad·just·ment disorder (ə-jŭst’mənt) n. Any of a class of disorders that result from an individual’s failure to adapt to identifiable stresses in the environment such as divorce, natural disaster, […]

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