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Adjutant general

U.S. Army.

the Adjutant General, the chief administrative officer of the Army.
an adjutant of a unit having a general staff, usually an officer of the Adjutant General’s Corps.

a high, often the highest, officer of the National Guard of a state or territory.
Historical Examples

We have a description of them from the pen of an excellent officer, the adjutant general of Gates’ army.
The Life of Francis Marion William Gilmore Simms

For many years he was adjutant general of the state of Nebraska.
Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd

I think the adjutant general’s report shows all those telegrams.
Report of the Committee Appointed to Investigate the Railroad Riots in July, 1877 Various

It is in that freight depot that adjutant general Hastings has his headquarters.
The Johnstown Horror James Herbert Walker

adjutant general Kagi presented to each officer his commission.
The Raid of John Brown at Harper’s Ferry as I Saw It Rev. Samuel Vanderlip Leech

In 1861 Gov. Harvey appointed him adjutant general of the State.
Fifty Years In The Northwest William Henry Carman Folsom

I soon reported at the adjutant general’s office, and was given indefinite leave.
Two Wars: An Autobiography of General Samuel G. French Samuel Gibbs French

A copy of these lists will be forwarded to the adjutant general of the Army.
The Plattsburg Manual O.O. Ellis and E.B. Garey

Many inquiries have been made as to why the militia did not respond when ordered out by adjutant general Hastings.
The Johnstown Horror James Herbert Walker

Some other word for him, and some papers to the adjutant general of the Army.
The Covered Wagon Emerson Hough

noun (pl) adjutants general
(Brit, army)

a member of the Army Board responsible for personnel and administrative functions
a general’s executive officer

(US, army) the adjutant of a military unit with general staff


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