Alfred, 1870–1937, Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist.
Cyrus, 1863–1940, U.S. religious leader and Jewish scholar.
Felix, 1851–1933, U.S. educator, reformer, and writer.
Kurt (Herbert) 1905–77, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in Austria.
Lawrence Cecil (“Larry”) 1914–2001, U.S. harmonica player.
Mortimer (Jerome) 1902–91, U.S. philosopher, educator, and author.
Peter Hermann, 1899–1990, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in Austria-Hungary.
Contemporary Examples

Adler urges Obama to push for the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
Obama’s Gay-Marriage Endorsement: Five Great Opinion Reads Caitlin Dickson May 9, 2012

“We draw no victory from leaving these issues unresolved,” Adler said.
SWAT Lobby Shoots to Kill Police Reform After Ferguson Tim Mak December 1, 2014

Adler seized Lola by the collar and slammed his hand against the garage door closer.
In Florida, Sprawling Humans Confront the Bears Who Lived There First Jacqui Goddard March 21, 2014

Such strict constitutionalist arguments, Adler said, are based on an absurdist, “gotcha literalism.”
The Candidate Named “Pro-Life” Michael Ames October 30, 2010

After two novels, Adler went back to journalism, to reporting on the moment.
Renata Adler, Poet of a Chaotic Generation Jen Vafidis March 20, 2013

Historical Examples

Bennett glanced at the chart that Adler held and then at the compass affixed to the rail of the bridge close at hand.
A Man’s Woman Frank Norris

It was also a compensation for a feeling of inferiority, in Adler’s sense.
The Psychology of Nations G.E. Partridge

Lloyd was too large-hearted to feel any irritation at the sight of Adler.
A Man’s Woman Frank Norris

Say nothing to Adler about this thing—say nothing to anybody.’
Life On The Mississippi, Complete Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

It’s Adler; he’s down again and can’t get up; asks you to leave him.
A Man’s Woman Frank Norris

(German) (ˈaːdlər). Alfred (ˈalfreːt). 1870–1937, Austrian psychiatrist, noted for his descriptions of overcompensation and inferiority feelings
(ˈædlə). Larry, full name Lawrence Cecil Adler. 1914–2001, US harmonica player

Adler Ad·ler (äd’lər, ād’-), Alfred. 1870-1937.

Austrian psychiatrist. He rejected Sigmund Freud’s emphasis on sexuality and theorized that neurotic behavior is an overcompensation for feelings of inferiority.

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