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Historical Examples

Personally, although this is looking some way ahead, I would like to see the English take over and administrate the Congo.
The Congo and Coasts of Africa Richard Harding Davis

Does the president of the Bold Bucks pretend to administrate a court of honor?
The Lion’s Skin Rafael Sabatini

The government will try to administrate and the administrators will want to govern, and so it will go on.
Bureaucracy Honore de Balzac

If it isn’t then we may as well cease any attempt to administrate the law!
The Everett massacre Walker C. Smith

The chamber will want before long to administrate, and the administrators will want to legislate.
Bureaucracy Honore de Balzac

He had within him the faculty to command, to administrate, to organize.
Bella Donna Robert Hichens

You do not want it, of course, and therefore it is only to be yours that you may administrate it in accordance to my wishes.
The Light of Scarthey Egerton Castle

to manage or direct (the affairs of a business, institution, etc)

1630s, from Latin administratus, past participle of administrare (see administer). In modern use a back-formation from administration. Related: Administrated; administrating.

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