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the management of any office, business, or organization; direction.
the function of a political state in exercising its governmental duties.
the duty or duties of an in exercising the executive functions of the position.
the management by an of such duties.
a body of , especially in government.
(often initial capital letter) the executive branch of the U.S. government as headed by the president and in power during his or her term of office:
The administration has threatened to veto the new bill. The Reagan administration followed President Carter’s.
the period of service of a governmental or body of governmental .
any group entrusted with executive or powers:
the administration of a college.
Law. management of a decedent’s estate by an executor or , or of a trust estate by a trustee.
an act of dispensing, especially formally:
administration of the sacraments.
supervision of the taking of an oath or the like.
application, as of a salve or medicine.
Contemporary Examples

He was overruled in many instances, but at least there was someone in the administration making counter-arguments.
America’s Prime Minister Tunku Varadarajan September 27, 2010

Over the past five years, my administration has made more loans to small business owners than any other.
Full Text of President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address January 28, 2014

Despite the differences in style and worldview however, Rice and Kerry have joined forces under the Obama administration before.
Susan Rice and John Kerry Will Battle For Obama’s Ear Josh Rogin, Eli Lake June 5, 2013

He will succeed Rudy DeLeon, who served as Deputy Secretary of Defense in the Clinton administration.
Top Pentagon Official Goes to CAP Josh Rogin February 9, 2014

The Nixon administration portrayed Martha Mitchell as a bit daft, perhaps drunk, and not to be taken seriously.
Helen Thomas, a Relentless White House Reporter With a Softer Side Eleanor Clift July 21, 2013

Historical Examples

During the Pierce administration he was physician to the President’s family.
As I Remember Marian Gouverneur

These laws are general and their administration should be uniform and equal.
United States Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches Various

But now the treasurer is the responsible head of the administration.
Springtime and Other Essays Francis Darwin

The stability of the Whig administration, then in power, depended upon the results.
The Grand Old Man Richard B. Cook

You have had all my confidence and you have also had the administration of my fortune.
The Physiology of Marriage, Complete Honore de Balzac

management of the affairs of an organization, such as a business or institution
the duties of an administrator
the body of people who administer an organization
the conduct of the affairs of government
term of office: often used of presidents, governments, etc
the executive branch of government along with the public service; the government as a whole
(often capital) (mainly US) the political executive, esp of the US; the government
(mainly US) a government board, agency, authority, etc
(property law)

the conduct or disposal of the estate of a deceased person
the management by a trustee of an estate subject to a trust

the administering of something, such as a sacrament, oath, or medical treatment
the thing that is administered


mid-14c., “act of giving or dispensing; late 14c., “management, act of administering,” from Latin administrationem (nominative administratio) “direction, management,” noun of action from past participle stem of administrare (see administer).

Early 15c. as “management of a deceased person’s estate.” Meaning “the government” is attested from 1731 in British usage. Meaning “a U.S. president’s period in office” is first recorded 1796 in writings of George Washington.


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