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pertaining to ; executive:
administrative ability.
Contemporary Examples

And on Tuesday, admissions director Mae Brown apologized for the goof, calling it an “administrative error.”
So, Who Got In This Year? Kathleen Kingsbury April 1, 2009

Basically, another soldier must take her place, plus the administrative overhead of transfers on both ends.
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Not Now Ken Allard February 2, 2010

Cryptically, he added that he would like women to have more leadership roles in administrative and pastoral activities.
What About Women, Pope Francis? Janine di Giovanni July 31, 2013

By June, Kabha was again taken from his home in Jenin and placed in administrative detention.
The Administrative Detentions of Wasfi Kabha Rachel Cohen June 17, 2013

By that autumn, a cabinet member’s administrative order erased the pre-war boundaries from Israel’s maps.
Israel Needs a Palestinian State Gershom Gorenberg September 18, 2011

Historical Examples

The Southern Rhodesia administrative account showed a surplus revenue of 17,125l.
The Annual Register 1914 Anonymous

The powers of the ordinary council are administrative rather than legislative.
Laws Plato

He was the responsible head in the judicial, administrative, and military spheres.
The Audiencia in the Spanish Colonies Charles Henry Cunningham

This assembly would nominate an administrative council of ten members.
Bulgaria Frank Fox

It was mapped out into administrative divisions, and those divisions were administered according to a general law.
The Chief Periods of European History Edward A. Freeman


1731, from Latin administrativus, from past participle stem of administrare (see administer). Related: Administratively.


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    a person employed to aid an executive, as in a corporate department, by coordinating such office services and procedures as the supervision, maintenance, and control of the flow of work and programs, personnel, budgeting, records, etc., for the entire department. Contemporary Examples His own administrative assistant called him ‘bold but careless, imaginative but undisciplined, creative […]

  • Administrative county

    a principal administrative division in Great Britain, usually not coextensive with traditional county boundaries. Historical Examples Chelsea (detached portion in administrative county of Middlesex, Kensal Town). Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice 8 Various The registration county of London coincides with the administrative county. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice 8 Various In […]

  • Administrative distance

    administrative distance networking A rating of the trustworthiness of a routing information source set by the router administrator. In Cisco routers, administrative distance is a number between 0 and 255 (the higher the value, the less trustworthy the source). (1998-03-10)

  • Administrative domain

    administrative domain networking (AD) A collection of hosts and routers, and the interconnecting network(s), managed by a single administrative authority. (1994-11-24)

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