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Yemen (international car registration)
Historical Examples

“The prince knew nothing of your country, adn,” answered Jarvo simply.
Romance Island Zona Gale

“The gods will permit the possible, adn,” Jarvo repeated gently.
Romance Island Zona Gale

I do not know all, but I come to warn you, and to warn the adn who has been kind to us.
Romance Island Zona Gale

“Yes, adn,” gravely assented the little man from the threshold.
Romance Island Zona Gale

He gradually became silent, adn dropped a little behind the lady, at whose bridle-rein he had hitherto waited with such devotion.
Bride of Lammermoor Sir Walter Scott

The iḳmeh differs from the adn in adding “The time for prayer is come” twice after “come to security.”
Arabian Society In The Middle Ages Edward William Lane

But it disna become me to speak that gate to your honour, adn you looking sae pale.
Bride of Lammermoor Sir Walter Scott

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