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sun-dried brick made of clay and straw, in common use in countries having little rainfall.
a yellow silt or clay, deposited by rivers, used to make bricks.
a building constructed of adobe.
a dark, heavy soil, containing clay.
Contemporary Examples

Representatives for adobe did not respond to requests to comment.
Adobe’s ‘Creative Cloud’ Goes Offline—and Takes a Million Designers With It Kyle Chayka May 15, 2014

He dubbed his sprawling 22-room adobe—once the haunt of writer D. H. Lawrence—the Mud Palace.
Dennis Hopper and the Cult of Nonreaders Tom Folsom March 7, 2013

And how much are we supposed to trust a single company—adobe—that has so much control over our creative class?
Adobe’s ‘Creative Cloud’ Goes Offline—and Takes a Million Designers With It Kyle Chayka May 15, 2014

Taste the good life in Santa Fe, New Mexico, filled with art galleries, adobe hotels and flavorful restaurants.
The U.S. Road Trips You Should Really Take Lonely Planet April 25, 2014

Bin Laden stood in an adobe walled bedroom, his back to the door.
I Shot Bin Laden Elliot Ackerman November 15, 2014

Historical Examples

The old Mission structure is substantially built of brick, covered over with adobe as plaster.
Scenic Mount Lowe and Its Wonderful Railway George Wharton James

Every day Schiefflin set forth on his mule from the adobe house.
When the West Was Young Frederick R. Bechdolt

Now an adobe hamlet comes into view, the low whitewashed cabins clustering about a gray old stone church.
Aztec Land Maturin M. Ballou

The adobe flashed out from the shadow and Roger slid down into the well.
The Forbidden Trail Honor Willsie

It was as though a miniature army were storming the section near the adobe.
The Bad Man Charles Hanson Towne


a sun-dried brick used for building
(as modifier): an adobe house

a building constructed of such bricks
the clayey material from which such bricks are made

1739, American English, from Spanish adobe, from oral form of Arabic al-tob “the brick,” from Coptic tube “brick,” a word found in hieroglyphics.


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