Hebrew. a title of reverence for God, serving also as a substitute pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton.
Historical Examples

The poem seems to indicate that Urania, slumbering, is not yet aware of the death of adonais.
Adonais Shelley

Two quotations from adonais will suffice to show the power and sweetness of its verse.
Shelley John Addington Symonds

The ruined paradise is the mind, now torpid in death, of adonais.
Adonais Shelley

adonais lies dead; and those who mourn him, must seek his grave.
Shelley John Addington Symonds

At present I mean simply to deal with the Argument of adonais.
Adonais Shelley

The last lines of adonais might be read as a prophecy of his own death by drowning.
Shelley John Addington Symonds

Echo will not now repeat the songs of the woodmen; she merely murmurs some snatches of the ‘remembered lay’ of adonais.
Adonais Shelley

I was also more than commonly interested in the success of adonais.
Adonais Shelley

We had not hitherto heard of ‘Dreams’ in connexion with Urania, but only in connexion with adonais himself.
Adonais Shelley

The poem of adonais can of course be contemplated from different points of view.
Adonais Shelley

(Judaism) a name for God

Old Testament word for “God,” late 14c., from Medieval Latin, from Hebrew, literally “my lord,” from adon (see Adonis) + suffix of 1st person.

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