something that adds attractiveness; ornament; accessory:
the adornments and furnishings of a room.
ornamentation; embellishment:
personal adornment.
Contemporary Examples

Everything was just so very big — and with adornment to boot.
Fashion Week Dispatch: Jason Wu and Rag and Bone Erin Cunningham February 7, 2014

The trend for adornment amongst Middle Eastern women is nothing new, but nail polish is often left out of the equation.
Breathable Nail Polish Fits Muslim Women’s Religious Restrictions Misty White Sidell January 27, 2013

Historical Examples

“I think the adornment rested with you and Luttrell,” he says, with cutting sarcasm, answering Sir Penthony.
Molly Bawn Margaret Wolfe Hamilton

Originally, clothes were only worn for adornment or for protection against the cold.
The Sexual Question August Forel

Some worldly bauble, some article of adornment which you had planned to get, which you could do without, and reap pa rich reward.
A Houseful of Girls Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

I had brought rich materials, jewels and flowers for Rose’s adornment.
The Choice of Life Georgette Leblanc

The last occupant of the house was responsible for that adornment.
McClure’s Magazine, Vol 31, No 2, June 1908 Various

You already carry a red cross: let that be your only adornment.
Romola George Eliot

The fire was the only adornment; all else was cheap, and some of it was tawdry.
Other Main-Travelled Roads Hamlin Garland

Everything that heart could desire for comfort or adornment was hers.
The Kitchen Cat and Other Stories Amy Walton


late 14c., “act of adorning;” also “a thing which adorns;” from Old French aornement “ornament, decoration,” from aorner (see adorn).

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